Understanding Rock Chip Glass Repair

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Auto Glass

Understanding Rock Chip Glass Repair

Driving on the road always has its risks. You must be fully aware of your surroundings and be mindful of other drivers around you, so it’s always important to remain as focused as possible to reduce risk.

However, some issues are simply unavoidable on the road, with one of the most common being rock chips.

This happens because it’s very easy for small rocks to be propelled into the air by moving vehicles, and because auto glass is fragile, minor impacts often cause damage.

Never Ignore a Rock Chip

It’s easy to assume that a rock chip is nothing more than a minor issue. Yes, those found in your bodywork are merely aesthetic damage, but windshield damage is quite serious.

For instance, ignoring a rock chip can lead to larger chips and cracks developing, which requires more extensive repair or even a replacement. If you ignore the damage, then the cost of repairing it can be much more costly.

More importantly, driving with damaged auto glass is very dangerous. The glass plays an important role in the structural integrity of every vehicle, and when compromised it can lead to serious car damage such as a collapsed roof – never take this risk, always get rock chip fixed.

Knowing What Type of Rock Chip Is Repairable

If your vehicle has rock chip damage, the good news is it is relatively easy to repair. Rock chip damage around an inch or smaller can normally be repaired, while some larger size chips may be repairable too.

Anything too large or with significant cracks probably isn’t repairable unfortunately, and will require a replacement.

A good way to see if the chip can be repaired is to place a quarter over it – if it covers the damage then chances are it’s repairable.

How Rock Chip Damage Is Repaired

Remember, rock chip repairs are structural, not aesthetic, meaning they must be done correctly. Auto glass technicians use a special resin that is injected into the damaged area.

After applying pressure, the resin expands and fills into the chipped parts of the glass with the entire process taking around 20 minutes in most cases.

What to Expect From Your Repair

The good news is that most rock chip repairs don’t leave any traces of damage behind. However, in the more severe repairs involving larger cracks and chips, there is good chance that the repair will leave a visible mark behind.

So, while the damage might still be slightly noticeable, your vehicle will be safe to drive again, and you’ve saved the cost of a full replacement.