Not everyone realizes how important a role the windshield plays in the safety of vehicles. During an automotive accident, the windshield offers vital structural support that maintains the shape of the vehicle while also preventing drivers being ejected from the vehicle during high impacts.

So, when a windshield is damaged, such as being chipped or cracked, the safety of the vehicle becomes compromised. Thankfully, we can quickly repair or replace any damaged auto glass, with the latter option typically needed for extensive damage.

When we replace a windshield here at Mark’s Mobile Glass, we take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the vehicle is completely restored. While this includes choosing the best replacement auto glass on the market, it also requires a key ingredient – a high-quality adhesive.

Why is a High-Quality Adhesive Important for Windshield Safety?

Urethane adhesive is unquestionably the best adhesive for windshield replacements. You may not think it, but the adhesive is just as important for windshield safety as the glass itself. The reason is quite simple – you need the best adhesive to ensure the replacement windshield is secured to the vehicle.

Even the best windshields won’t be as safe if using a low-quality adhesive. The poorer the adhesive, the less reliable the bond between the glass and the vehicle body, meaning the glass could completely separate in the event of an auto accident.

*This means all the safety benefits of a windshield (e.g. preventing ejecting from the car, stopping the roof collapsing, and ensuring safe airbag deployment) can be made ineffective simply from using a low-quality adhesive!

Plus, a high quality adhesive lasts much longer than others. This is important because a replacement windshield using low-quality adhesive could last much less time than other products. Because there are no signs the adhesive is unsafe it could be disastrous in the event of an auto accident.

That’s why we never take the risk of using cheap, low-quality adhesives, as it can significantly reduce windshield safety.

Is a Windshield Replacement as Safe as a Manufacturer Windshield?

Yes – when using the right processes and materials, a replacement windshield is just as safe as the original manufacturer windshield.

To ensure that all our replacements are completed to the highest safety standards we use only the best urethane adhesives on the market. This is produced by Dow Automotive Systems, who are widely regarded as the leading adhesive producer in the entire automotive industry.

The bonding process provides the same results as those found on the original windshield, ensuring that overall safety of the vehicle never diminishes due to replacement auto glass. It’s easily the most durable adhesive available, is simple to apply, and much stronger than other types of adhesive on the market.

Also, Dow conducts very rigorous testing methods to ensure their product meets the highest safety standards. For example, the company tests their adhesives by using them for a windshield replacement and then crashing the vehicle directly into a solid wall, rather than relying on just lab tests like many other adhesive products do.

We never settle for anything less than the best here at Mark’s Mobile Glass, especially when it comes to the safety of our customers!