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** Our Kansas City store is now closed; please visit us at our nearest Columbia Location **

Here at Mark’s Mobile Glass, we have specialized in custom shower doors for over 24 years. Homeowners throughout Kansas City looking to upgrade or replace their shower doors can rely on us for quality installations that will completely transform your bathroom.

There’s no design concept that we won’t deliver on as we can install shower doors of any shape, size, and style. From standard doors to unique custom designs, we are confident in our ability to provide the best possible shower doors installation services in all of Kansas City.

Mark’s Mobile Glass takes custom shower doors to a whole new level – contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

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Custom Shower Doors Available for Homes in Kansas City

Shower doors have come a long way in recent years. What was once just a basic design feature of a bathroom has now become something entirely new, with custom shower doors of almost every style imaginable now available.

Shower doors now offer endless design possibilities and can make a fantastic centerpiece in any bathroom.

There’s endless options when it comes to glass colors, tones, textures, designs and styles available. Better still, we do not have any shower doors to your liking, we can custom design them to meet your exact specifications! We have shower doors for every budget and any project here in Kansas City, MO.

  • Standard shower doors
  • Custom shower doors
  • Huge inventory
  • Sliding shower doors
  • Swing-open glass doors
  • Frameless or framed
  • Embedded photo designs

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Popular Styles for Glass Shower Doors

As custom shower doors increased in popularity, so too did the number of styles available. Some are based around functionality more than anything else, which makes sense as many homeowners here in Kansas City don’t have enough space for extravagant custom-designed shower doors.

Others tend to act as a design statement for your bathroom, helping to enhance the aesthetics of the room and provide you with a fantastic place to shower!

Here’s some of the more common styles of shower doors that that we install – remember, there’s many colors, textures, and other design aspects available for each!

  • Sliding Doors – Sliding doors are perhaps the most common as they require little space to function. They usually feature 2-3 glass panels that slide along tracks fitted to the top and bottom of your shower. An ideal option for stand-alone corner showers.
  • Swing- Open Doors –  Swing open doors are mounted shower doors that can either open inwards, outwards, or both. These doors area great for tight spaces where there isn’t enough space for sliding doors.

Frameless or Framed?

Mark’s Mobile Glass has a both framed and frameless shower doors available for installation in Kansas City. These are quite self-explanatory, with doors either being framed or frameless, both of which are available in many different styles, colors and textures.

For the most part, framed shower doors use metal materials as their frame, typically high quality materials such as aluminum.

Frameless shower doors are a more contemporary design, really providing an eye-catching appearance. They also happen to be easier to maintain and are increasingly popular due their modern style that works well in most interior designs.

Embedded Photo Designs

While all our shower doors can be custom designed to suit any project, we can even customize the glass with a personalized photograph, truly making it a unique set of shower doors!

Simply take a photograph of what you want embedded into the glass, send it over to us and we will get to work creating it. Each embedded design is handcrafted and transferred into the glass itself, and like all our glass is available in any color you wish.

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