Auto Glass Repair & Insurance - Everything You Need to Know

Here at Mark’s Mobile Glass, we get plenty of questions regarding auto glass repair and insurance.

Not everyone understands how their auto insurance works in relation to auto glass repair and replacements, so we think it’s a good opportunity to set the record straight on all matters of auto glass and insurance.

Do I Need to Go an Auto Glass Shop My Insurance Company Recommends?

We find it hard to hide our displeasure when customers tell us their insurance company told them to go to a specific auto glass shop.

The truth is an insurance company cannot tell you where to get your auto glass repair completed – you are free to choose any auto glass shop you want.

Many insurers make recommendations for specific auto glass shops they are affiliated with, but these are nothing more than recommendations, as you are free by law to go to any shop of your choosing.

Are Windshields Covered by My Auto Insurance?

It depends entirely on the insurance company, although there are common trends we have noticed in our time dealing with auto glass replacements and chip repairs.

For example, comprehensive coverage almost always includes auto glass coverage, so if you have this type of insurance then your windshield replacements are likely covered.

Be mindful that some comprehensive coverage require a deductible to be paid, while others cover the entire cost.

Many companies also offer zero deductibles specifically for auto glass damage, often referred to as full glass coverage. This is either part of their comprehensive coverage or in addition to it, so always be sure to check the specifics of your insurance policy to find out.

Do I Need to Pay a Deductible?

Again, this depends on your insurance policy.

Many comprehensive policies offer zero deductibles, but this usually results in a more expensive policy premium. Because of this, many decide on including a deductible fee on their policy to keep insurance costs down.

For instance, if the deductible on your comprehensive insurance policy is $500, then the only way the insurance covers the payment is if the cost of repair exceeds that deductible.

Again, some companies offer zero deductibles just for auto glass, so it’s worth checking your policy to determine this.

Are Chip Repairs Covered by My Auto Insurance?

In many cases, with comprehensive coverage or full glass coverage, insurance companies will waive the deductible when repairs are possible rather than a replacement which means NO out of pocket expense for you!

As you can see, going for a comprehensive insurance policy is one of the best ways to get your auto glass damage recovered.