custom shower doors

If you are looking to add value to home, there are certainly no lack of options. While many people consider spending significant money to refurbish rooms or build extensions, there are simpler and more affordable ways to add value to your home.

The first of these, one of the easiest yet most effective ways of enhancing a bathroom, is one of the key selling points of any home. The upgrade? Adding a beautiful custom shower door – it’s really that easy!

Secondly, you could simply replace some of the older looking parts of the home. Our recommendation is to upgrade your patio with a brand-new patio door. Replacing a patio door may seem like quite the effort, but it’s surprisingly straightforward and very effective for adding value to your home.

Let’s take a closer look at each and see why they are a great way to add value to your home!

The Benefit of a Custom Shower Door

A custom shower door, often known as a frameless shower door, is shower door that is custom-built to the dimensions of your current shower. It’s a simple upgrade that can be completed in a day, yet the positive effect lasts far longer.

The most obvious way that a custom shower door adds value to your home is the fact that it makes your bathroom much more attractive.

As one of the key selling points of a home, any bathroom that features such a stylish fixture is always going to be more appealing for buyers. Plus, custom shower doors are much higher quality than any other type of shower enclosure, so it’s only natural that a high-quality fixture adds value to a home.

Not only does a custom shower door look fantastic with any décor, it also gives the illusion of more space. This is especially useful in smaller bathrooms that feel cramped, helping to make it feel much bigger.

A larger bathroom is always going to be a strong selling point, so again, this helps to add value to a property for a relatively low-cost investment.

The Benefits of a Patio Door Replacement

If you don’t have a shower suitable for a custom door, another great way to add value to your home is through a patio door replacement. Patios are already a great selling point for a home, being worth more than homes without patios, yet there are ways to further improve them.

For instance, getting replacement doors usually results in energy efficient glass being added. Older patio doors are quite often not energy-efficient, so by adding new and improved glass, you’ve already increased the value of the home by making it more green and energy-efficient.

Similar to a custom shower door, a new patio door offers a wonderful aesthetic to your home. Patio doors are already a very popular fixture for a room, adding ample natural light and a connection to an outdoor space.

So, by updating your doors with a gorgeous replacement – such as a sliding French door – you can expect it the drive up the value of your home.